Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein is Back in the News

The atrocious case of Jeffrey Epstein has returned to the news. After over forty women testified that Jeffrey Epstein and his cohorts molested them as minors, he was essentially let off the hook. In 2007, the current Labor Secretary, Alexander Acosta, was a U.S. Attorney in Miami. During the trial, Acosta conspired with the prosecutors and Epstein’s attorneys, including Alan Dershowitz and Kenneth Starr. Acosta sealed the deal, signing off on a non-prosecution agreement at the Federal level. Amazingly, the deal included immunity for any coconspirators who were involved in Epstein’s crimes, potentially Trump, Dershowitz, Bill Clinton, and Prince Andrew.


Instead of receiving a life sentence, Epstein pled guilty to the reduced charges of solicitation of prostitution and the procurement of minors for prostitution. In the end, Epstein served thirteen months in a private wing of a county jail and was released and picked up by his valet six days a week during that time.


Prosecutors sealed the case without informing the victims that they had reached an agreement that directly violates the Victims Rights Act. Recently, a Florida judge ruled that the non-prosecution deal with Epstein that was concealed from the victims was illegal. The Justice Department has opened up an investigation into Epstein’s prosecution. A federal judge has ruled in favor of two of his victims who have sued.


The Miami Herald has launched an extensive investigation of the sex trafficking ring, requesting that 167 documents be unsealed. They have identified over eighty women who claimed to be molested by Epstein. The case is being investigated by the U.S. Congress. Epstein’s butler kept a black book with the names of hundreds of girls and young women who Epstein recruited.

The methods that Jeffrey Epstein used to recruit victims is revealed in book two of the Remote Viewer series. Remote Viewer Phantom Shadow

Will there be justice in the end?



Biological, or germ warfare, dates back to BC when armies sent plague victims into enemy territory. Britain used small pox in New South Wales around 1789 and possibly infected Native Americans in 1763. The Germans and the Japanese dispersed anthrax during WWI. Although the Geneva Protocol outlawed biological and chemical weapons in 1925, at the onset of WWII, the United Kingdom tested anthrax in Scotland, contaminating a region for over 50 years. During WWII, the US established an industrial complex in Maryland and tested its bio-weapons in Utah.

In 1972, the Biological Weapon’s Convention outlawed these weapons. One hundred seventy countries ratified the law as of 2013. Yet the threat remains. After the Gulf War, Iraq claimed to produce biological weapons. In 1984, terrorists used salmonella in Oregon. In 2001, anthrax delivered in mail resulted in four deaths. Terrorists were arrested in England in 2002 and 2003 for producing ricin. In 2004, Senate offices closed after ricin was found there. There is evidence that ISIS may have the drive and ability to use bio-weaponry. Many of these, like anthrax, are easy to produce.

The Freedom of Information Act revealed in 2002 that the Pentagon had secretly tested chemical weapons in the United States during the 60s and 70s. A report by Sue Chan of CBS news stated that deadly nerve agents were released in Alaska and bacteria was sprayed over Oahu, Hawaii. Twenty-eight biological and chemical weapons tests struck Alaska and Hawaii, and Canada and Britain in collaboration with those countries. Under Project 112, the US ran over two dozen biological and chemical weapons tests in Maryland, Florida, Utah, and perhaps other states. Biological and chemical agents were sprayed on ships at sea. Many of those involved in the testing claimed they developed health problems after their exposure. The US agreed in 1977 to destroy its chemical weapons. Because the US had secretly tested these weapons, you might wonder if they destroyed them.

Scientists acknowledge that ethnic-specific bio-weapons are a distinct possibility. The SARS virus may be an ethnic bio-weapon. It is unclear whether SARS can be created naturally versus manmade, and it has shown a propensity to attack Arabs and Asians. China admits to having research facilities dedicated to defensive biological weapons. The Washington Post reported that South African scientists, proficient in creating ethnic bio-weapons, made extended trips to China. China may also have these WMD for offensive use.

Bio-weapons and ethnic bio-weapons create a terrifying futuristic scenario, where terrorists and major power players use these death mechanisms. In Remote Viewer, Jazz uncovers ethnic bio-weapons in China, and questions the role of the US in the clandestine distribution of them.


Remote viewing was a term devised to explain the technique used by spies to mentally view foreign clandestine operations from a distance. Documentation about the $20,000,000 secret government remote viewing Stargate program was declassified in the 1990s. Remote Viewing had been used since WWII. Many books have been written about the subject and much debate has taken place about how successful remote viewing is to find and disclose information.

Army Colonel William Johnson managed the Stargate program from the early 1990s until the project was transferred to the CIA in 1995. The CIA hired the American Institutes for Research to evaluate the results of the program. Ray Hyman and Jessica Utts of AIR determined that the project produced a statistically significant positive effect and recommended further evaluation. Earlier studies had been carried out at Stanford University. In 1995, according to Time magazine, three remote viewers were working out of Fort Meade, Maryland.

Here is what President Jimmy Carter told GQ magazine in an interview:

“She went into a trance. And while she was in the trance, she gave us some latitude and longitude figures. We focused our satellite cameras on that point, and the lost plane was there.” Former President Jimmy Carter, allegedly recalling a 1978 remote-viewing operation.

Through my research, I found Pat Price to be one of the most fascinating and talented remote viewers. He accurately described a secret Pentagon facility and a Russian installation in the Ural Mountains, among other things. There is some discussion about the circumstances around his death and whether he was assassinated.

According to an article in Looking Glass News, NSA sources confirmed that the Remote Viewing Project still exists. My novel, Remote Viewer, is about a talented remote viewer named Jazz who works for a present day remote viewing division within the National Clandestine Service.

Here is a link to a YouTube video put out by the Farsight Institute showing remote viewers in action: REMOTE VIEWERS AND PHOENIX LIGHTS

China’s One-Child Policy

The one-child policy was adopted in 1979 to control the population in China. It is estimated that the policy eliminated 400,000,000 births by 2011. There were many claims of human rights violations because of forced abortions and unsafe IUD implants.

The policy restrictions have been relaxed over the years, allowing members of certain ethnic groups to have two children. In 2013, China relaxed the policy further to allow only child adults to have two children.

At times, couples that had a daughter failed to report the birth or offered the girl up for adoption. A son was valued over a daughter because a son is obligated to take care of his parents in old age and carry on the family name. This caused numerous females to be left in orphanages, many experiencing poor care.

The most shocking result of the one-child policy is the thousands of forced abortions in later months and even infanticide at birth. The reports of the 100 million missing girls suggests a high rate of infanticide.

Experts say that the one-child policy has created problems for China. Now, there is a reduced workforce that struggles to power the economy. With the shrinking workforce, China will have a hard time paying pensions to the growing aging population.

China’s workforce has declined steadily to 916 million workers, and they expect this decline to continue, while it is projected that the number of those aged 60 and over will reach 400 million or one-quarter of the population in the next 20 years.

It will be interesting to see how China deals with these issues. Perhaps outsourcing to Bangladesh?

One character in my book was a victim of the one-child policy. Jazz must devise a daring plan to help this woman return to the family that was forced to place her in hiding when she was a baby.


Wikipedia states that the name Illuminati refers to the Bavarian Illuminati founded in 1776. A woman purportedly born into an American Illuminati family stated that the group was named several hundred years ago in Bavaria, Germany. The roots of the Illuminati are the order of the Knights Templar, Rosicrusians, Baphetomism, and Druidic cults. Illuminism evolved from combining principles of these groups.

It is claimed that ex-Illuminists confirmed the bloodlines of some of the wealthiest and most influential families that comprise the Illuminati and that many of these members are part of the Council on Foreign Relations and the Bilderberg Group. According to other sources, the Illuminati function today as an organized society that influences governments and corporations.

An article written by Henry Makow Ph.D. describes the woman named “Svali” who was raised in the Illuminati and defected to reveal the truths around the modern secret society. Svali relayed in December 2000 the Illuminati’s plans for a financial collapse caused by their manipulations of financial institutions, stocks, and interest rates. The result would be financial panic worldwide and the subsequent control of people through finances. Sound familiar?

Part of the master plan of the Illuminati is said to be population control. This is the concept I used in my novel. I spend little time deliberating over the truth or fiction of an organized, controlling evil. I do, however, find these ideas intriguing and have had a lot of fun using them to weave twists and turns into my story.

I would love to hear what other people think about these conspiracy theories.


Besides for my book Remote Viewer being inspired by the remote-viewing phenomenon, a claim made by a journalist also inspired me. In 2008, Benjamin Fulford stated that he was the liaison between Chinese assassins and 10,000 members of the Illuminati. Fulford was to give the assassins the names and addresses of these members and negotiate a settlement. The assassins wanted to stop the Illuminati from implementing their plans for population control.

When the Manchus invaded China in 1644 the Ming army went underground. The claim is that this group evolved into the Green and Red Chinese secret society. In the 1940s they were called the Green and Red gangs and fought the communists in Shanghai. When the gangs were defeated in 1949, they became an underground organization.

Here is what Fulford had to say:

“It must be made very clear though that it is not a crime gang. Although many members are Triad and Yakuza members, over two-thirds of the members are intellectuals such as university professors, researchers, and government bureaucrats. Each member earns their own living and membership in the society is like belonging to an emergency fire brigade. Their book of rules reads like a book of ethics filled with instructions to do things like help the weak, fight injustice, help your comrades, etc.”

“They approached me and asked if they could help after I made a speech in Tokyo describing the Bush regimes’ use of race-specific biological weapons. For me, it was like a ghost from the history books appearing right in front of me. At first, I thought of silly things like having them play 911 truth videos in Chinatowns around the world. However, then I remembered the scene from the movie Kill Bill where Uma Thurman snatches out her opponent’s eye. I soon realized these people could save the world by directly attacking the eye at the top of the pyramid on the one-dollar bill.”

Fulford explained the roots of the Illuminati and the goals of the different factions. In my book Remote Viewer, the group he termed neo-Nazis, whose goal is to reduce the population of most races by disease, war, and hunger, became part of the plot.

Fulford’s claims are intriguing and make for a good fiction storyline. The nagging questions in the back of my mind are: How does Fulford have the names and addresses of 10,000 Illuminati members? Why don’t the assassins have this information? Why do the assassins need him? Does the Illuminati really have a master plan to reduce the world population? How does Fulford get the intelligence he claims to receive? Is there really an organization termed the Illuminati?


I am starting this blog about my Remote Viewer series, and the subjects I used to weave the plots: biological warfare, China’s one-child policy, the US government’s remote viewing project, human trafficking, and Jeffrey Epstein.

Writing these thrillers has been an interesting and sometimes surprising adventure. I had to write them to find out what happens.

Before I began putting the first story down, I spent months researching this spy phenomenon called remote viewing. Remote viewing is a technique where trained viewers mentally search and find distant targets. The government had been using remote viewers for espionage since WWII. Documents about the government’s $20,000,000 Stargate program that began in 1975, were declassified in the 1990s and copies are available online. You can also find what’s known as the CRV (controlled remote viewing) manual online. According to the book by Courtney Brown called Remote Viewing, the project was very successful. If you read sources like Wikipedia, you’ll find a different point of view. Why has the project been discredited and was it really shut down? (The word espionage begins with ESP.)

I think it’s possible that the US government still has a top-secret remote viewing unit buried somewhere in the National Clandestine Service. I have molded a present-day NCS remote viewing division into my story.

The plot developed further after I read a claim made by a journalist. He stated that Chinese assassins threatened to kill members of the Illuminati because they introduced a race-specific disease into China. The Illuminati’s goal was population control. That also intrigued me and sparked an ongoing unraveling of ideas.

What do you think? Was the remote viewing project successful? If so, why was it discredited? Was it really shut down?