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Abandoned as a child through the death of her parents, Jazz had to learn to fight… even for her sanity. She is a feisty, introspective, 22-year-old, and the most adept remote viewer the National Clandestine Service has ever found. They hire her to locate Chinese assassins and name their Elite targets. When this mission is compromised, Jazz is trapped in a lethal war between assassins and power brokers.

During what at first looks like a respite, Jazz meets Aidan, and struggles to resist the vivacity reflected in his dimpled smile. As things heat up, Jazz begins a quest to expose her enemy. The chase takes her from an abandoned military base near Washington D.C. to a Buddhist monastery on Black Dragon Mountain in China. Here she explores ancient Chinese arts and unveils repressed memories while uncovering conspiracies that threaten the most basic human right: the right to life. Jazz also discovers what Aidan will sacrifice to find her.

To honor a promise she made, Jazz pinpoints a missing human-rights attorney. Then she devises a bold plan to help him and a young Chinese woman, a victim of the one-child policy, escape and reunite with their families.

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Jazz weathered the battle with her nemesis and now she wants to bask in her new life with Aidan. But when a friend asks her to remote-view and psychically find her missing daughter, she is thrust into the grisly world of human trafficking. Jazz joins a group engaged in dismantling the global two-hundred-billion dollar a year slave trade. Her role is to locate abducted victims and help the elite force of former military experts liberate them. After the team conspires to break up a trafficking ring based in San Francisco, Jazz clashes with hellish thugs who fear she might expose them. With everything at stake, she must dig deep for courage and preserve a semblance of the tranquility she obtained while in hiding at a monastery.

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