Book One in the Remote Viewer Series

Remote Viewer Shadow Rescue on Amazon


When your mind is your most powerful weapon, what happens when your memory is erased?

Abandoned as a child by the death of her parents, Jazz had to learn to fight, even for her sanity. She is a feisty, introspective, 22-year-old, and the most talented clairvoyant the National Clandestine Service has ever found. They hire her to locate Chinese assassins and name their targets who plot to release a bioweapon in China.

Her life spirals out of control when Jazz wakes up one morning with no recollection of the NCS or her mission. During what at first looks like a respite, she meets Aidan, a psychologist who offers to help her remember. Just as their relationship heats up, Jazz is kidnapped and taken to a monastery in Chengdu, China. Here she tackles human rights conspiracies, confronts the truth of how her memory was erased and forgives herself for the death of her parents—which she fears was influenced by her clairvoyant powers.

A rescue attempt by Aidan is thwarted, and a daring escape down China’s Jing River, over mountains into Myanmar, to a remote tribal village in India, ensues. Her unnamed enemy sends operatives to kill Jazz before she can return to America and expose a shocking secret that undermines her entire mission and questions the moral fabric of the institutions we trust.

Join Jazz and Aidan on this thrilling adventure that explores the mind’s potential, the murky ethical issues of our times, and the unrelenting will of the human spirit in the face of evil, love, and truth.

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What people say about Remote Viewer Shadow Rescue: 

“I found the book to be absorbing. The plot is super novel, and it is an ongoing drama, full of thriller and action which keeps you intrigued without any rests. There are references to sensitive topics and human rights issues, which I found appealing. In addition, the author represents a strong female lead in the story, which adds a sweet flavor…”

“The author’s extensive research is evident in the details of locations, rituals, customs and the underworld of clandestine politics. This is an entertaining read that is hard to put down.”

“I love how unique this story-line is and how many unexpected twists it throws at you. You can really connect with characters and empathize with them and their situations as the story unfold. The writer does a great job of making you want to keep reading, it was very hard to put down. “




Book Two in the Remote Viewer Series 

Remote Viewer Phantom Shadow on Amazon


Jazz weathered the battle with her nemesis and now she wants to bask in her new life with Aidan. But when a friend asks her to remote view and psychically find her missing daughter, she is thrust into the grisly world of human trafficking. Jazz joins a group engaged in dismantling the global slave trade. Her role is to locate abducted victims and help the elite force of former military experts liberate them. After the team conspires to break up a trafficking ring based in San Francisco, Jazz clashes with hellish thugs who fear she might expose them. With everything at stake, she must dig deep for courage and preserve a semblance of the tranquility she obtained while in hiding at a monastery.

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What people say about Remote Viewer Phantom Shadow:

“An important book about how victims are lured into sex slavery. The scope of the Human Trafficking industry will amaze the reader. High action and adventure on every page wrapped around a beautiful love story. I couldn’t put it down.”

“Rhonda Armbrust has created an absorbing thriller around a very real problem. It is hard to put this one down. The character development is excellent, the plot keeps you on the edge of your seat through incredibly creative twists and turns, all while addressing the seriousness of human trafficking. This is a powerful book and should be read by everyone. Thanks to the author for shining a light on this issue.”

“Truly one of my favorite books, as well as her first book of this series. She does an incredible job of bringing her characters to life and keeping a thrilling suspense throughout the entire book.”



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Book Three in the Remote Viewer Series 

Remote Viewer Galaxy Shadow on Amazon


It’s 2030 and oxygen masks are mandatory in cities. The Earth is dying. 

Jazz, Aidan, and their teenage daughter, Jenny, live in the remote mountains of Colorado, which have protected them from climate change’s alarming death toll. But not everything is as it seems.

An alien race known as the Coropsuns secretly inhabit Earth, and Jenny accidentally falls for one, Zayn. But love between Coropsuns and humans is forbidden. That doesn’t stop Jenny.

She soon discovers that Zayn’s brother Leland is trapped on Diego García Island, in the middle of the Indian Ocean. He’s been kidnapped by the CIA. The military wants to extract his hidden knowledge about Coropsun zero-point energy and use it to build weapons for the anticipated war over Mars. 

But Earth is not yet lost. And Leland’s knowledge can stop climate change. Before Jenny and Zayn can stage a rescue, they’re abducted by Leland’s kidnappers. Now, it’s up to Jazz to set them free. Can she save Leland and the fate of humanity? Will star-crossed lovers Jenny and Zayn ever be together? 

Find out in this action-packed adventure that spans East Africa, Asia, and Colorado, in a Romeo and Juliet style love story of galactic proportions. 


What people say about Remote Viewer Galaxy Shadow: 

“The character of Jazz is at it again, this time dealing with space aliens among other things. She dominates the page when she’s on it and the rest of the cast also make for a fun read. Ms Armbrust has a knack for writing good, thrill-ride stories. This is one of my favorite series. I’m looking forward to the next one.”

“If you you like to read adventure thrillers, you will love this one. The story line is unique and will keep you on the edge of your seat with all the harrowing twists and turns. Rhonda Armbrust does an incredible amount of research to make the details of her stories credible. It’s fiction, but it reads like it is really happening. Dive in and hang on. It’s going to be a wild ride.”

“Best book of this amazing series! Dear Author – please write more and call Hollywood to produce these into movies! Love it. Highly recommend. 10/10”

“I sat down to start reading this sequel after digesting the first one in a single session, and once again I could not put it down! Really fantastically written. I recommend getting the print copy; it reads beautifully.”